Planning a Wedding during a recession - Flower Edition!

Picking your wedding flowers during a recession.

No one likes to think that we could face another reception like we did 12 years ago in 2008. So let's get a head of the game and think how you could still have your wedding with beautiful flowers.

Let's start by being open to flowers - when people think of wedding flowers, they at times think it all has to be garden roses and peonies, well that’s not true - there are many beautiful textured flowers that are less expensive that can still give you the same look and feel as garden roses and peonies.


Cremons are beautiful fluffy flowers that come from the mum family and are a great sub for peonies and even hydrangeas. A huge plus is they come in so many colors! From white, pinks, reds, oranges, purples, and even greens!

A regular rose can be made beautiful by flexing the petals - this is where we carefully bend back the petals to give it a unique look. This is a great way to incorporate texture and a new look to a standard rose!

I love hydrangeas and rightly so they come in so many colors and are a great space taker. I consider them more budget friendly than other flowers.

The dreaded carnations. I personally like them - they don’t have a smell and they are long lasting. They come in the craziest colors and come both regular and mini size! They come in large bunches and go such a long way! Give them a try; mixed in with other florals you wouldn’t even know!

There are a variety of daisies that are available to us and they are great! They too come in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures some are your traditional daisy’s and others have skinner petals. These are great to use in larger pieces because they will be in space along with a variety of colors!

Tulips, Alstroemeria, and babies breath are also great options to get texture, variety, but affordable.


Let’s talk greenery. Greenery is wonderful and is a great filler however an over use of greenery will sky rocket your bottom line. Use it sparingly and be open to different variety’s. Leather leaf, salal, and different ferns come in a large bunch and can go a very long way. The eucalyptus also comes in a good size bunch but due to the recent demand in the product prices are more than salal or leather leaf.


Keep it simple. If you have an arbor use a single floral piece in the corner to add a special touch and then have it moved to the sweetheart table after the wedding to continue the use of it.

Aisle decorations - skip one or two seats and have these in a container so you can use them again during the reception as centerpieces. (Reuse!) Below is a great example of how we took the arbor piece and moved it to the reception after to get another wonderful use out of it! Photos by Frozen Exposure Photography


Reuse your decorations from the ceremony if possible. Have an appointed person move the items and place them on the proper tables. This will save money on your table count.

Cake flowers consider only doing a top tier or one or two side pieces with a topper. Not a cake person consider cupcakes, pies, or tarts and then you don’t have to use flowers!

Toss bouquet some florist give these as complimentary items so check with them!

Use items such as candles, lanterns, pictures to offset your table decorations (many florist’s will rent candles, lanterns, and other decorative items.)