Flowers and COVID-19 ... 4 Things to talk to your florist about!

I've had a couple of questions regarding flowers and wedding dates being moved so I thought I would quickly cover a few main questions and concerns I am seeing and would like everyone to be aware of!

1. If you are having to postpone your date due to COVID-19 - I"m so sorry if you are! Talk with your florist about the flower changes that could occur. Due to the shutdown flower growers and wholesalers have had to toss a lot of flowers which in the end will cause limited quantities on certain varieties. As they start to harvest again they may be a delay. It's okay to ask questions! We are here to help you!

2. More money? One thing that may also happen if you move your date out more than 6-9 months is that you may end up having to up your budget due to price increases. This is out of the florist control and unfortunately is a possibility to avoid any surprises make sure you speak with your florist and ask if this could happen to you!

3. Florist is full on your new date, now what? In the event, your florist is full for the new date you have selected talk about your options. Do you have a second date in mind or can they refer you to a colleague that would fit your style and personality that could complete the wedding? What does your refund look like in that event? To ensure everyone gets treated fairly and everyone understands what happens next having multiple open conversations will save a lot of stress for you, the client, and the florist.

4. Contract details. This is a big one and I maybe should be the number one thing but all these are important so I'll let it slide! How and what does your florist contract say about postponements and cancellations? Many of our contracts state non-refundable retainers or an extra fee for postponements or even no refund in the event of cancellation on the client's part. However, most If not all florists understand that this is unlike any other disaster we have had and should be lenient when it comes to a contract. I would expect them to refund all monies paid if paid in full, minus the expenses they may have occurred such as staff, hardwoods, and their time meeting and creating a proposal for you. The only issue with this is if they already have flowers on hand for your wedding in that event they will work with you to see which route works for both of you.

These items are so hard to talk about and we understand that. Our heart breaks for our clients who have spent so much time planning and waiting for their wedding day for it to be pushed back even more or even canceled.

I will do my best to make sure my team and I are flexible for you during this time (and always!).

If you have any questions reach out to us! We are here for you!

Blossoming Love,